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Eva valmue væg
Eva Koch

That Dream of Peace
March 2 - November 30, 2016

From the 2nd of March 2016 the artist Eva Koch took over the underground territory of The Cisterns with video installations projected directly onto columns and walls.

The comprehensive exhibition ”That Dream of Peace” was made specifically for The Cisterns by Eva Koch. The exhibition took its departure in the idea of survival and the belief that despite the world's terrorism, war and destruction there will always be life and growth. Children play – also while bombs are exploding. Flowers grow forth even on muddy battlefields and doves flutter freely between symbol and reality – between war and peace. These fundamental topics were unfolded by Koch in several video installations in the darkness of The Cisterns.

Cronhammar. Capetillo
Ingvar Cronhammar
March 3 - November 29, 2015

The old water reservoir at Søndermarken Park was drained 33 years ago. Throughout 2015 you can experience the water return to the Cisterns, a 4.320 square meter underground space.

The exhibition "H" is an ambitious and comprehensive installation created by the Danish artist Ingvar Cronhammar, accompanied by the Danish musical composer Martin Hall.
When entering the Cisterns you will be surrounded by water, in the form of a large water surface that covers the floors, and columns of falling water that reflect and co-create the visual as well as the musical experience.
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March 2 - November 30, 2014

Unique mixture of granite stones, concrete columns and slender stalactite the Cisterns are a major challenge for the arts.

In 'Andante' exhibition artist Christian Lemmerz attempts to fill the space in a beautiful way.

Location plays its own role in the exhibition entitled 'Andante' from the music where it denotes a quiet, gradual pace.

The Cisterns can hold 16 million litters of water, which they did until 1933, but even today, water seeps into the rooms and collects in large puddles that favourably reflects Lemmerz' light formations in the middle of the darkness. Darkness was complete - in the first several minutes - where you couldn't barely see a meter ahead.
Candles sticking small holes into nothingness, indicating particularly beautiful places in the halls, which offers both stalactites and strange protrusions.
It appears as a large living sculpture - a sea of candles that illuminates the dramatic staging.
Lemmerz` artistic approach is and will be as clean aesthetics and an empty ritual of silent drama.

"A dreamy installation by Christian Lemmerz"
New York Times